$ 4.99

Your purchase is for a copy of the raw, untagged MP3 file of the beat. The MP3 file will be digitally delivered to you via a download link after payment is completed. Non-exclusive rights allow you to use the beat for ONE commercial recording (if being used to make a song) or unlimited use if being used for podcast intro music, or other areas of your podcast to indicate a particular segment is taking place. You may use the beat for non-profit promotional use or demos. You have full rights to record onto the beat and alter the beat in any way, but you may NOT resell the beat as your own. Your digital receipt will act as your proof of owning non-exclusive rights to the beat, which you will receive immediately after completed payment. In the even that someone purchases exclusive rights to the beat, you will still retain the rights granted to you at the time of purchase. The seller (Obe1) will not receive any royalties from revenues earned by the buyer from use of this beat. You must however give full credit to the seller (Obe1) on all commercial recordings using the name OBE1. Upon purchasing non-exclusive rights to this beat, the seller (Obe1) still owns the beat and is able to resell the beat to any party until exclusive rights have been transferred to another party.